accuracy in carbon 14 dating - Young female dating older male

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In fact, I had a crush on my 7th grade math teacher. What I am looking for on here is to find a woman who would love to be with a younger man.

I just think that older women are mature, and they just look so GOOD!!!

most of my mail , i would say 75 % has been maless from 40 to 58 asking for a relationship.

i have never dated the, i would really like to but do not see much ofa future in it.

I am a big believer that anything goes IF both agree, but I think when a mature woman of over 55 is looking for a relationship, she wants one that will last for the rest of her life and a man who can look at the "best" of her beauty fading into oblivion but still see it, a man who understands why bones creak and the step is not so lively, and why love making sometimes has to take a back seat to other needs. Sally in the Valley Well, you asked so I will give you my thoughts.