Women dating younger men does it work

You my friend have seen one too many After School Specials. And a man In his 50s may want to go dancing every week - and maybe a woman In 20s and 30s does too - but trust me you arnt dancing In the same way or same venues Exactly... So it's 2012, and there's no shortage of people supporting uncommon social conduct.

And there are thousands of women just like them on this site, and millions more out there in the world. Well Op I can honestly say I am not attracted to men In that age range, and neither are any women I know.

You talk about learning life lessons as you age, and thats true; what I've learned is not to prejudge people, or try to paint with too broad a brush. I think the people who end up In happy relationships with large age gaps NEITHER party went looking for It - It just happened they met and realised the connection they had. These young ####'s will learn and grow as time goes on...

Does she really strike you as someone who is looking for a father figure? They treat me better than 90% of my peers ever have.

I've dated several women in their early 20s, was even married to one for a few years, none of whom came from a broken home. I am 56 and quite the opposite....feelings are SOME men my age have hang-ups about themselves and have to resort to dating a woman that is young enough to be their daughter, in order to feel good about themselves. when the guy graduated from high school, how old was the girl?? To my frustration, the guy I absolutely adore refuses to date me because I am so much younger than him. Factors should be common interests and compatible mindsets.

What types of experiences have you had that prompted this "theory" of yours? Guess I'll give up going out dancing,riding motorcycles and jumpoing out of airplanes...