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The girl is a lot younger, and Susan doesn’t want that flaunted in her face.” We’re told that Oscar winner Sarandon, who is indisputably looking better than ever, has known Arnold, 31, since she started working at their Flatiron hot spot about 18 months ago.But things got awkward when Bricklin — who dated the much older “Thelma & Louise” star for six years after she split with longtime partner Tim Robbins in 2009 — struck up a romance with now-former drinkslinger and aspiring actress Arnold just six months after he and ­Sarandon called it quits.

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The thing that's served me well is being able to change onto a different track when it's presented itself."Sarandon and Robbins have two sons together, 25-year-old Jack and 17-year-old Miles.

Sarandon has a daughter, 28-year-old actress Eva Amurri, from another relationship.

You should be dating someone fabulous.” Susan replies simply, “I am.” From her comments, it’s clear that Susan genuinely cares about Jonathan.

It’s not clear whether they are still dating now, but, they were together for at least 5 years, so, this was a long-term relationship.

When I read the comments under the video on People Magazine’s website, I was amazed how negative many people were.