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And on the unstoppable post-breakup anthem “Save One for Me,” Kingston tells off the girl who broke his heart and then finds his own sweet revenge on the dancefloor.

All throughout Back 2 Life, Kingston boldly proves how far he’s come since he first began recording songs on the tiny personal studio his mother bought him when he was 11-years-old.

If you ask a parent or a rapper if persistence pays off, they will undoubtedly agree.

But on Back 2 Life, the singer/songwriter blends his newly strengthened vocals with fiercely inventive effects and hard-hitting live instrumentation—a formula that’s yielded his most passionately inspired work to date.

“This album’s a really honest reflection of where I’m at in my life right now,” says Kingston.

Sean Kingston: Yeah, man when I heard [the melody] on the radio, I said, ‘God this is crazy.’ J. came in and cooked it up in the studio and I said, ‘J. Starting at five, work your way down to number one. Sean Kingston: No not yet…DJ Booth: Well Beyonce is on the cover of the Music Edition, and it would be worth the price whether you have to pay $4 on the newsstands or just get it with the subscription. Sean Kingston: Basically, I was emotional, when I was young. Sean Kingston: You don’t stop and [it’s all about] persistence. I have a new album [coming] out “Musical Youth,” and it’s comin’ out in the 4th Quarter.

I’m just lovin’ the track.’ He left the room and I started workin’ on the chorus. They could be actresses, fashion models, local girls from your block, high school shorties, whoever you want—five through one. DJ Booth: I’m going to go out on the limb here and assume you’ve seen her in this year’s Sports Illustrator’s Special Edition? You explain this story on a track titled “Prosecutor.” Was it hard to describe what you were experiencing, or did material just spill out onto the paper? DJ Booth: What did they teach you that you hold to this day as being the key to your musical success? Sean, I read that the title of your debut album is still undecided. Sean Kingston: Yes, it’s called “Musical Youth.”DJ Booth: When can we expect to see it in stores? DJ Booth: In 10 seconds, let everybody know that when “Musical Youth” appears in the 4th Quarter of 2007, why they need to pick up a copy…Sean Kingston: Yo—this is Sean Kingston right now.

On the album’s title track “Back 2 Life (Live It Up),” for instance, Kingston samples the vocals from the Soul II Soul classic of the same name and twists the lyrics into a triumphant call to action.