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“I wasn’t aware of that.” The story of the amazing and ridiculous Detroit Lions season grows in legend weekly. In each of the five wins, Detroit trailed in the last 90 seconds. It’d be a heartbreaking 0-9, but it’d be an explainable 0-9.

• Blandino on the spate of excessive celebration calls—and fines: “This is not a new issue.

You can look and say, that’s black and white to me.” I wondered: Where is just a little, tiny room for fun?

Blandino said: “I’m a football fan, and I get that as well …

And there’s a very good chance you have no idea it even happened. Jim Caldwell got two seconds added to the clock in the game’s 58th minute, and two seconds turned out to be an eternity for Detroit. The key people in the game didn’t know about it, not even three-and-a-half hours after it was over.