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Her grandfather, Al Ribisi, was from a Catholic family in San Jose; in high school he became the keyboard player in People! But then in 1970 the members who were Scientologists, including Ribisi, took the unusual step of joining Scientology’s “Sea Organization” as a group.

The Sea Org requires members to sign billion-year contracts and work extreme hours for pennies an hour and dedicate themselves completely to Scientology — it was about as far from the rock and roll life as possible.

Marissa Ribisi (Dazed and Confused, The Brady Bunch Movie) married musician Beck Hansen, who was also from a Scientology family — his mother, Bibbe Hansen, had helped Gay deliver Giovanni and Marissa in 1974.

The extended Ribisi-Hansen clan became one of the most well known in Scientology and Hollywood, and helped fuel the notion that getting into Scientology was a legitimate way to advance a career in the entertainment industry.

But one defection occurred recently in such a quiet manner — and yet in plain sight — that it went by without making any news of any kind. Last May, Lucia Santina Ribisi, the daughter of Avatar actor Giovanni Ribisi, talked openly about what it was like to become disaffected and leave Scientology, even though she grew up in one of the most well known, loyal Scientology families in the entire organization.