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In the city by the bay: Johnny Depp let his troubles blow away on a trip to windy Alcatraz off the coast of San Francisco on Wednesday. He had a miserable childhood in South Africa and where he was bullied by classmates and subjected to some psychological torture by his father.The actor, who is worth an estimated 0million, wants to hurry the divorce from Amber Heard as much as possible and has refused to make his finances public until his estranged wife agrees to keep them private In one text supposedly sent from Heard regarding a man alleged to be Depp she writes: 'He's done this many times before. His experiences there would lead him to leave and head to the United States where he met his first wife, Justine Wilson.The group hung out in the hotel and the Tesla founder let them use his hotel room for privacy while he was out, the insider added.

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No one in Amber's camp is calling it "dating," but we're told the amount of time they spend together has definitely increased.

And we're told he's paid several visits to her home.

They married, divorced, remarried and she filed for divorce for a second time in March.

Elon -- who's worth an estimated $12.7 billion -- is also going through a divorce with Talulah.

Musk divorced his British wife Talulah Riley for the second time in November.