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There are biographical themes throughout the movie, as Davis' music comes to the fore and we get flashbacks of his life, but the focus is on a broken man who is blocked creatively.

Getting the film made has been a 10-year journey for Cheadle.

Camped out in his smoky New York den, he's "jazz's Howard Hughes." He hasn't performed in years. follows this mismatched duo as Davis goes in search of a missing master tape, and as he goes back in time, remembering his relationship with Frances Taylor (Emayatzy Corinealdi), the woman he would marry and torment.

The genius behind Dave Braden (Ewan Mc Gregor), a hoppity, long-haired journalist who says he's a staffer at Rolling Stone, wants to know.

He did do this." If you read his autobiography, he doesn't shy away from any of it. And I think I read two very diametrically opposed reviews about my movie and I had to go, yeah, I agree with both of them. Paul Rusesabagina sat right next to me when we were making "Hotel Rwanda" and we'd finish a scene and I would turn to him and ask, "Was it like that?

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    Sometimes, being in love and being on reality TV don’t mix — especially when your feelings are putting a major damper on your hopes to land a job at the end of a competition.

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