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On Friday, she wrote on Twitter: Filed under: Politik • Inspiration • Julianne Moore • Donald Trump • Scarlett Johansson • Cher • America Ferrera • Katy Perry • Chelsea Handler • Debra Messing • Olivia Wilde • Padma Lakshmi • Amazing • Patricia Arquette • Amy Schumer • Zendaya • Controversy • Girl Power • Social Issues Not their president!

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In a statement, Miz Ferrera encouraged the American people to join the protest and stand together, saying: 2.0.

Sure, Debra Messing, Eric Mc Cormack, Megan Mullally, and Sean Hayes delighted fans ahead of the election with their pro-Hillary Clinton mini-episode, but Grace herself just dashed our high hopes of a 100 percent verified revival on Twitter.

When she asked for an explanation, Arau allegedly said: Less bad, more good! The organization penned: Filed under: Madonna • Politik • Donald Trump • Sarah Silverman • Alicia Keys • Chris Rock • Christie Brinkley • Chelsea Handler • Debra Messing • Twitter • Zoe Saldana • John Leguizamo • John Legend • Elizabeth Banks • Ellie Goulding • Julie Bowen • Thandie Newton • George Lopez • Chrissy Teigen • Andy Cohen • Kat Dennings • Zendaya Donald Trump is officially the 45th President of the United States. let's take a moment to see how celebrities are reacting to today's inauguration on social media!

Today is #Mute Monday — a day where Twitter users are encouraged to follow activists, organizations, and other progressive voices IN PLACE of Donald Trump. Related: Be Careful How You Criticize Trump On Social Media Feminist e-newsletter sent an announcement on Sunday calling it's readers to quit giving our new POTUS the attention he so desperately desires, saying we should instead highlight the people who are actually deserving. The response seems to be pretty somber as some of our culture's biggest influencers decide whether we should rally behind Drumpf in hopes he does better than expected…

In 1990, after graduating summa cum laude from Brandeis with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts, Messing gained admission to the elite Graduate Acting Program at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts which accepts about 15 new students annually.