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The man’s charisma is evident even offstage, as is his physicality. As he takes the stage with Chiz and Dopico, the scene looks more like a Tom Jones concert than a staged workout.

Short and muscular, he moves with obvious confidence. The women in the crowd wear T-shirts from various local Zumba studios.

Perez and his partners created a teacher training program, including a menu of music and choreography from which instructors could build classes. I know it sounds like, ‘Oh yeah, right,’ but we don’t do anything fast.

Today, there’s aquatic Zumba, Zumba for seniors and children, and Zumba video games. We need to wait for the right moment, wait for the right people, wait for everything.

A seriously bemused crew of soldiers stands atop a military vehicle in an empty parking lot, looking like they’ve been ordered to guard a litter of kittens.