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He also convinced Tori to accept her invitation to Hollwyood Arts.

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André seems to appear very attractive to the opposite sex, yet seems to be quite unlucky in love.

This is showcased in Prom Wrecker, where his new girlfriend Sherry is constantly and excessively kissing him because his lips are too intoxicating for her to want to do anything else, including getting to know him on an emotional level (he later broke up with her because of that).

However, after the cancellation, several online petitions from fans and the writers as well as a spike in the ratings have potentially saved the show from its demise. It's cute, adorable, fluffy, entertaining and a very lighthearted show to watch. The two leads, Ben Feldman and Cristin Milioti, were entertaining to watch but more often than not, I found my attention always drawn to Milioti.

The show also has a great supporting cast including Lenora Crichlow from UK's Being Human with Katey Sagal (Sons of Anarchy) narrating the series and I do like how the supporting cast gets screen time and stories away from the two leads.

André broke up with her because she made him nervous, but stayed with her longer than he should have because he wanted to sing for her father. A recent Slap post reads, "Met a girl at the gas station today. Can't get more romantic than that." (2010–present, Best Friend) Tori and André became best friends when he and Trina were partnered up for the talent show, and Tori watched them rehearse.