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But the Osbournes were already famous – or at least Ozzy was, as the wild, drug-consuming frontman of Black Sabbath, one of the world's biggest heavy metal acts.

Ozzy and his second wife Sharon, a much-respected (and feared) manager of rock acts, were keen to take MTV up on its offer; likewise, two of their three children, Kelly, then 17, and Jack, 16. "Back then, I still felt I was trying to figure out who I was in the chaos of family life, so why on earth would I want that portrayed on television? "I wanted to protect myself, my parents, my siblings, too.

That’s why Aimee Osbourne, firstborn of Ozzy and wife Sharon, had to figure out a different way to stand out from her infamous father.

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We would like to see a huge chocolate brown rug laid down on that shiny wood floor to warm the place up, but otherwise we like this room.

Clearly no fancy gay decorator has been up in there working his magic, but we’re appreciating how the room is not even trying to look decorated.

Aimee was so unhappy with the show that she moved from the family home and publicly lambasted MTV for making her father look like a , which would be Cher’s son.

Aimee has fired back claims that Skinny had a lot of problems and skipped out on the rent. Aimee, who at one time wrote for the slick fashion and lifestyle magazine Nylon, also reportedly dated rehab largely out of the glare of the media spot lights, her blackberry is none the less filled with all the same names as the other young and rich Hollywood scions who scoot around town in their fancy cars and say and then go eat and pose at The Ivy while pretending to eat atrociously expensive salads.

“I rebelled by doing music in my own way — which was harder and took a lot longer.” Finally, the 31-year-old is unveiling ARO (pronounced “arrow,” the moniker stands for Aimee Rachel Osbourne), performing at Mercury Lounge Thursday.