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Version 1.05 is functionally the same as v1.04, use version 1.04 for Power PC DP versions.

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The latest version of the 2480 Operating System is 2.504 and is available in two versions, a CD image file (to be burned to CD for upgrade purposes) and a MIDI file (for upgrading the 2480 via midi). (Note: The 2.504 update addresses clocking and syncing issues with the DIF-AT and TDIF.

Links to free downloads of both versions are listed below. If you do not use either of these items, you probably can do without the latest upgrade.) To update System Software via MIDI: 1.

Logic_7_2_Plug - 643KB This Control Surface Plug-In file is for Logic 7.2 or later only.

This file is normally installed automatically by the Logic 7.2 Installer.

This update is necessary for Logic 7.2 or later regardless of Mac CPU.