Vmware server consolidating disks

I waited till we could get a service window on the VM, performed a shutdown and re-ran the disk consolidation. I then used command vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms to quickly locate the volume containing the VM: Then checked if there was any locks on the vmdk file: I have highlighted the line showing us there is a RO (Read-Only) lock on the VMDK file.

vmware server consolidating disks-35

Hello All, I have a machine that is replicating off-site.

In v Center the machine has this notice: Virtual machine disks consolidation is needed The only snapshot is the Veeam snapshot. ~eric Hi Eric, are you talking about the source VM? Hi, I have been using VBR 7 Enterprise Plus to replicate VMs and from time to time I am getting this on my source VMs "virtual machine disks consolidation is needed"All our snapshots are triggered by VBR only. FYI, we had this issue recently and it was due to high latency on the SAN.

When this warning pops up, the snapshot is already removed from the VM, but the snapshot files could not be consolidated back into the base disk.

How can you find out if any of your VMs needs snapshots to be consolidated?

If consolidation is needed, perform it manually using the v Sphere Client or the ESXi command line.

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