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I didn't speak to him In months, he seemed very stubborn and doesn't like to be the first to get In contact. He was very cold and distant but Invited me round his place.We ended up being intimate even though when we were seeing each other we went no further than kissing (As I wasn't ready) The next day he told me In an email he wasn't Interested In a relationship with me, he doesn't know why but he just Isn't. When I spent the night with him he told me lovely things, missing me and wanting me back. He said maybe he just needs time, and Its been a few days and I've not heard from him.

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This story Is about my boyfriend who Is an Aquarius and myself a Virgo. From my side I just felt that I am giving up everything and he nothing.

I always thought that love Is supposed to be give and take. Thank you In my opinion, love Is about give and take!

As time goes on and he feels comfortable with you, he will Initiate that conversation.

Aquarian men also enjoy having many mutual female friends, so If you are a Virgo woman, this may leave you feeling insecure about his feelings toward you.

As weird as It sounds, act as though you are his girlfriend, listen to him, learn to flirt with him, accept his aloof and detached behavior, even talk about things that he really enjoys talking about.

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