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Add the following line of code to the Application_Start() event handler so that the Application_Start() method looks like this: This line of code registers the ata Annotations Model Binder as the default model binder for the entire ASP. When you use the Data Annotations Model Binder, you use validator attributes to perform validation. The Product class in Listing 1 illustrates how to use these validator attributes.

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In order to use the Data Annotations Model Binder in an ASP. Select Create from the view content dropdown list (see Figure 2).

NET MVC application, you first need to add a reference to the Microsoft. Figure 2: Adding the Create View Remove the Id field from the Create form generated by the Add View menu option.

The Title, Director, and Date Released properties are all marked as required properties.

The Director property must be assigned a string that contains less than 5 characters.

The page in Figure 6 illustrates the error messages returned when you enter invalid values for the Movie properties.