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It turned her off to all-girl squads for some time.

However, it taught her an invaluable lesson.“I feel like we all go through this phase of girl-hate,” she laughs, admitting she uses Facebook to show her former mean girls they didn’t break her spirit. If you have dreams and goals that your peers can't identify with, it's important not to allow them to shut you down.

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Instagram, in particular, is saturated with copycats.

Her only personal rule is to remain creatively authentic and unique, something she isn’t used to seeing in this day and age.“I grew up immersed in skate culture and hip-hop culture,” she says.

Though her résumé now reads like a drop-down menu of achievements — DJ, designer and model — Vashtie is still the endearing, soft-spoken person I buzzed around while prepping for a fashion photoshoot.“I’m beyond busy and becoming busier by the moment,” she says about her multiple jobs.

“Naturally, [as] women, we take on more than we can handle.”Today, as we settle into our interview, Vashtie still reminds me of who she was years ago.

“Things from those realms and that era was all about authenticity.”Though Vashtie feels social media is a necessity in order to share everything she designs, she emphasizes the world of filtered selfies and flawless flicks doesn’t tell the whole story of how hard she works to maintain her brand.“You have to be dedicated to things you want because there's a lot of hard work behind it,” she says.