Validating identity wireless error

but it keeps on bouncing on the icon activity when I bring up the status it has a big red ?

in between the computer icons of connection activity.

It also describes the main wireless components for SOHO wireless networks.

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then I'd troubleshoot the wireless by doing the following: 1) Make sure that the MAC address of the wireless NIC card is in the "accepted" list on the router.

2) For the time being, disable the option to secure the wireless by MAC addresses.

The examples and conceptual information in this section are for an authentication process that uses PEAP-MS-CHAP v2.

Section 4: Network Diagnostics Framework This section contains information about the features and capabilities of the Network Diagnostics Framework related to wireless, including the Wireless Diagnostics wizard.

So basically, I keep getting an error when i try to connect to my own network "VALIDATING IDENTITY Windows was unable to find a certificant to log you on to the the network" I entered the correct network key that was setup with the router and im really frustrated because i tried everything in the options and nothing works.