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Some of these include Dreamweaver's Preferences; the Coding toolbar; Code Hints, which lets you insert code from a suggested list of options; Code Collapse, which lets you collapse sections of code so that you can more easily focus on the sections you're actively editing; and Code Snippets, which are blocks of code that you can store and reuse.

You can also work with tags, the building blocks of any code language, in the Tag Selector, the Quick Tag Editor, the Tag Inspector, and tag libraries.

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All of these tools catch syntax mistakes earlier in the development process than what is typical for online validation.

Web validation is usually an afterthought for many, as it doesn't easily integrate into the developer's workflow.

The service was designed to help people generate syntactically accurate markup in both HTML and CSS. In the early 2000s validation symbolized professionalism among web developers. We are now using better development tools that catch mistakes earlier.

Editing software and IDE's now have linting — a method of validating syntax — built in, or have third party extensions that do the same.

Proper syntax highlighting in editors can quickly catch a missing div or quotation mark.