Utorrent dht nodes updating

utorrent dht nodes updating-21

Otherwise I'm using SSH and RDP to connect to servers, as well as Teamviewer. Since the router logs explicitly say packets have been dropped it does point to the router as a possibility.

You can directly plug your computer to the external network and bypass the router to double check this.

In the case of the Pirate Bay, when a torrent is uploaded, it is actually modified. What you won’t find, however, is anyone on tracker 2 that isn’t on tracker 1. In fact, the same is true for any number of additional trackers.

Not in a way that affects the hash, but though the addition of trackers. Every client that runs this torrent will announce to this tracker. This was developed in 2005 to deal with the problem of unreliable trackers.

Or, you don’t think that’s all the peers there are, and there must be some that no-one knows of right? The fastest setup is the one that matches your connection, and more peers will make you slower (thanks to the increased overhead). As one tracker goes down, load on other, similar trackers (especially the 5 listed on TPB/KAT) stays pretty much the same, and may even increase slightly (as people hit ‘update tracker’ to see if they can get a down one to work).