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She’s been a role model for girls and women and boys and men and black folks and white folks and gays and straights and trans folks, and she made racists CRAZY every time they saw her in the White House. For a quick comparison, and to prove the #Science Fact that Michelle Obama is the best ever, let’s look at pictures of the OTHER people named “Michelle” (or “Michele”) that Wonkette’s written about over the years: In conclusion, Michelle Obama is the greatest human being alive, and you may now commence to yapping in your open thread.

Here at Noble Works, we’ve worked hard to rein in a certain type of humor that celebrates milestones like birthdays, anniversaries and tons of other holidays.

You keep your winnings."The pro said, "Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?

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"THOMAS EDISON'S JEWISH MOTHER:"Okay, so I'm proud that you invented the electric light bulb. "PAUL REVERE'S JEWISH MOTHER:"I don't care where you think you have to go, young man, midnight is long past your bedtime!

"ALBERT EINSTEIN'S JEWISH MOTHER:"Your senior photograph and you couldn't have done something with your hair? Where have you really been for the last forty years?

We’re not just card-makers, we also fancy ourselves comedians, and that’s why we’ve organized all this humorous goodness for you.

Our funny top 10 lists includes lists like the Top 10 Rules of Bacon (No.

and, if you want to bring your mother and father along, I'll marry them." MONA LISA'S JEWISH MOTHER:"After all the money your father and I spent on braces, this you call a smile?