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Start by creating a content type that inherits from the attributes.

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The last piece of code to complete the registration is for the activated event.

Here we will be updating a custom content type, twice removed from the object to SPSite.

If this is the case, you can ignore the creation of the content type from the start of this post. Server assembly as the receiver, your form is automatically registered for web browsing and a suitable content type is created under the = Microsoft. On installation we will register all forms that are being deployed as part of your feature.

This is because if you deploy the form as part of a feature and specify the Xsn Feature Receiver class from the Microsoft. The activated event will update the content type to allow web rendering and uninstalling will unregister the forms from the site collection. This method gets the Forms Service using a custom private method which we’ll come to later.

Now that you have your form and have added it to your project, the next thing you should do is change the deploy location for the xsn file.