Updating smoothwall kernel filipinogirlsdating com

Updated runtime software includes Linux kernel 3.4, glibc 2.14.1, binutils 2.22, iptables 1.4.14 and xtables-addons 1.45, Open Swan 2.6.38, Snort and Squid 3.1.23.

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Open SSL had a major bug that could leak data to unauthorized parties.

Second, IPv6 was not correctly firewalled before RC4; there's a small chance your UI and/or SSH could be accessed from RED via a link-local address; this bug is present in Roadster, too.

As we continue to improve your favourite firewall, we of the Smoothwall Express team announce the release of Update8/SP3 for Smoothwall Express 3.1.

This update addresses a number of problems and deficiencies as well as some housekeeping work.

This release is a refresh of the Smoothwall Express 3.0 foundation and a culmination of five years of effort that began with the Roadster Test Vehicle.