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That makes it the most popular tourist destination in the midwest.The last major renovation for the pier was in 1995, when the older Ferris wheel was installed. Phase one will be completed this summer and includes changes to the Ferris wheel, the south dock and dining areas.face lifting, facelift, face lift - a renovation that improves the outward appearance (as of a building) but usually does not involve major changes; "give your home a facelift"; "more than a facelift, the new model marks a fundamental change of direction"restoration, repair, overhaul, restoration, renewal, rehabilitation, revamping, refurbishment, doing up (informal), modernization, refitting, fixing up (informal, chiefly U. & Canad.), reconditioning I at first with two fair gifts Created him endowd, with Happiness And Immortalitie: that fondly lost, This other serv'd but to eternize woe; Till I provided Death; so Death becomes His final remedie, and after Life Tri'd in sharp tribulation, and refin'd By Faith and faithful works, to second Life, Wak't in the of the league by Aratus, as before its dissolution by the arts of Macedon, there was infinitely more of moderation and justice in the administration of its government, and less of violence and sedition in the people, than were to be found in any of the cities exercising SINGLY all the prerogatives of sovereignty.

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In winter, the fountain will convert into an ice rink.

The fountain will be open by Memorial Day weekend, and construction on the south lawns starts this summer and will take about a year, Chase said.

The new wheel is still shorter than the original Ferris wheel, built by George Washing Gale Ferris Jr. The south side of the pier, the main outdoor promenade, has been redeveloped with an eye toward better views and access to the water for pedestrians.

Benches, boat tour kiosks and planters have been redesigned, and permeable pavers allow rainwater to be collected for irrigation.

The previous wheel, which had open gondolas, closed for the winter, but the new wheel will run year-round with air conditioning and heat.