dating a guy 10 years older - Updating policy not set for windows xp in group sophos

You can choose which components to install on clients and we opted to leave Sophos’ firewall out of the equation as the lab’s gateway security appliance does a good enough job for our LAN-based systems.Once the agent had been installed, each system was added into a new group in the console ready to receive its instructions.To uninstall the Sophos Antivirus suite, navigate to, depending on your version of Windows, to the uninstall or change a program/programs and features/installed programs in your Control Panel, which can be accessed from the start menu.

Updating policy not set for windows xp in group sophos

The Auto-Update service is what gets pushed & installed from the Enterprise console, and it bootstraps the Agent install from a cached installer. If the password is entered wrong during the install phase, it will usually hammer & lock out the service account, and cause much consternation among the agents using that account.

It doesn't sound as though you're still dealing with Win2000 machines, but for those I've found that putting the local Sophos service account into the local Administrators group fixes the troubles we had there.

We are wanting to migrate to a system where we will be the ones that manage the clients antivirus via Sophos's enterprise console.

We have setup a test server and it is up and running smoothly.

FWIW, we do our deployment via a script in Group Policy, so that whenever a new PC comes on the domain, it is checked for Sophos and gets it installed if it is not already.