Updating omnia firmware

Also, the most important thing about the update is the fact that it leaves available to users a very low amount of memory, of ONLY 17MB.

updating omnia firmware-87

This is what happened to me when I tried to update firmware .

I used the Samsung Studio PC updater and, after it detected the version firmware installed and displayed the new one available, it would not begin to load it.

Anyway, if you are tired of waiting for Samsung to also release a piece of firmware for your country, you can flash your I8910 Omnia HD with the Italian ROM and update it afterwards to the latest version using Samsung's PC Studio.

I tried it and was successful in replacing my existing firmware with the lastest Italian firmware version, but, beware, you might not be able to update your phone after installing the first firmware.

As a Samsung official explained, this is simply because the error message hasn't been correctly written.