Updating microsoft framework things to ask someone you just started dating

NET Framework 4.6.1 as an important update to all computers.

My lab computers are all configured to install updates automatically, so two of my four Exchange servers had already installed the update before I realized what was happening. So now I was faced with uninstalling the NET Framework 4.6.1 which, as it turns out, is not exactly a trivial thing.

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Updating microsoft framework

Later, the Skype for Business Team followed suit in their own article. Once you can log back into the computer (it will take longer than normal to get to the login screen), run the 7318. Chalk it up to a lesson in never trusting automation.

The Exchange team even posted a handy article about it with a link to a Tech Net page that explains how to temporarily block .

NET Framework 4.6.1 from installing via Windows Update.

That article was posted February 10, 2016 - the day after Microsoft pushed . NET Framework 4.6, by the way), Exchange will need to recompile all of its . This can take a LONG time and overload your computer's CPU. NET Framework optimization speed up script from the . This script improves the performance of the process by allowing it to use multiple threads and up to 6 cores.

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