Updating firefox on fedora write me an online dating profile

Download Firefox from the official Mozilla Firefox page: Download alternative versions (beta, developer edition, nightly) from the official channels page: A 64 bit build is also available in the x86_64 directory of Mozilla’s FTP.

This how-to supposes that the downloaded file is saved in the “Downloads” directory located in your home directory. In case you want to learn more on these extensions: tar, bzip2.

It will also update your current Firefox and Thunderbird to test versions.

updating firefox on fedora-12

Thank you so much and I apologize if my post sounds too angry. Your best approach is to install a supported release, at the moment F22 and F23.

Although it was partially intended Fedora 20 is no longer supported. You can use the Preferences panel in Firefox to adjust how it handles PDF's, etc.

Create new profiles with: Now you may create desktop shortcuts / icons / launchers (Gnome: Custom Application Launcher) for each of these Firefox versions with their respective profiles.

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