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(EE) GLX is not supported with the Composite extension 9. ) Now boot from the installation DVD and select the text mode install.

The "checking dependencies" step is stuck forever at 26%. If you want to read about lots of other people encountering it: a bugzilla entry about it. After trying the update image (and failing), I decided to download a "respin" which was supposed to have the fix already in it.

Users that are new to Red Hat or would like the enhanced subscription information and improved content access should use RHSM.

Due to our repository management software, we are unable to directly offer security fixes in our standard repositories for any version of Mono other than the latest.

Over the past eighteen months, the Fedora community has come together to redesign and rebuild Fedora as a robust repository platform for the next decade.

Mono on Linux before 3.12 by default didn’t trust any SSL certificates so you got errors when accessing HTTPS resources.

This is not required anymore as 3.12 and later include a new tool that runs on package installation and syncs Mono’s certificate store with the system certificate store (on older versions you had to import Mozilla’s list of trusted certificates by running package is installed. For example, “wheezy/snapshots/3.10.0” will lock you to that version.

[[email protected] ~]$ qvm-clone fedora-23 fedora-24 [[email protected] ~]$ truncate -s 5GB /var/tmp/[[email protected] ~]$ qvm-run -a fedora-24 gnome-terminal [[email protected] ~]$ qvm-block -A fedora-24 dom0:/var/tmp/[[email protected]fedora-24 ~]$ sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/xvdi [[email protected]fedora-24 ~]$ sudo mount /dev/xvdi /mnt/removable [[email protected]fedora-24 ~]$ sudo dnf clean all [[email protected]fedora-24 ~]$ sudo dnf --releasever=24 --setopt=cachedir=/mnt/removable distro-sync (Shut down Template VM by any normal means.) [[email protected] ~]$ rm /var/tmp/[[email protected] ~]$ qvm-trim-template fedora-24 (Optional cleanup: Switch everything over to the new template and delete the old one.