sprung the dating game walk through - Updating drivers for devcon failed

In Vista, you can search for lines that begin with ! the driver was unsigned), but the latter means that the installation stopped because of an error.So, in case of a failed installation, you can search for !!! For example, if an installation fails in Vista 64-bit, because of unsigned drivers this is where the error will be logged.

updating drivers for devcon failed-39

If you want to uninstall the driver, you can either go to the device manager, right click on the driver and select uninstall (make sure that you check the boxthat’s asking you, if you want to delete the driver files, too) or you can use devcon.

For this scenarion, you need to go to %windir%\inf and look at the oem*files.

So, let’s see a scenario, where the installation failed.

By looking at %windir%\we see:[11/27/2007 17:] Wudf Update: Locating resource stream WUDF_UPDATE_XP.[11/27/2007 17:] Wudf Update: unpacking update from resource to Microsoft User-Mode Driver Framework Install-v1.0-Win [11/27/2007 17:] Wudf Update: Temporary path is C:\WINDOWS\Temp\WDF1D8[11/27/2007 17:] Wudf Update: Invoking update with command line “/quiet /ER /log:”%WINDIR%\temp\wudf_update.log””.[11/27/2007 17:] Wudf Update: Invoking “”C:\WINDOWS\Temp\WDF1D8.tmp\Microsoft User-Mode Driver Framework Install-v1.0-Win XP.exe” /quiet /ER /log:”C:\WINDOWS\temp\wudf_update.log””.[11/27/2007 17:] Wudf Update: Waiting for update to terminate.[11/27/2007 17:] Wudf Update: Update process returned 63745.[11/27/2007 17:] Wudf Update: WUDF was already installed.[11/27/2007 17:] Wudf Update: Cleaning up update.[11/27/2007 17:] Wudf Update: Loading configuration coinstaller from C:\WINDOWS\system32\[11/27/2007 17:] Wudf Co Installer: Read Wdf Section: Checking Wdf Section [Echo_Install. Wdf][11/27/2007 17:] Wudf Co Installer: Error reading section [(null)] key Umdf Library Version – status(E0000102) In this case, we see that the proccess returns 63745, which means that UMDF 1.5 was already installed.

Wdf Co Installer: [11/27/2007 20:] DIF_INSTALLDEVICE: Post-Processing Not much to see here.

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