Updating clamav

This workaround will let your Zimbra Collaboration platform run without antivirus. Go to Server Zimbra includes Clam AV 0.98.4 as of ZCS 8.0.7 .

The clamav-0.98.4 directory from an installed ZCS 8.0.7 or later installation can be copied directly to an earlier ZCS 8.0/7.2.x server.

Clam AV has two modes of operation; a program that loads into memory only when you want to scan a file, or for more regular use (such as scanning all incoming e-mail), a program that connects to a daemon that is always running.

Clam AV Does not come with a GUI by default so you must use the Terminal to use it.

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Zanna's suggestion about installing from source is the correct solution to the problem.

As the message is just a warning, you can disregard it.