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Google Docs spreadsheet makes it easier to get the required inputs from students / employees but to maintain consistency of text which is why its always better to make available the list of options in dropdown menu for the users to choose from instead of allowing the users to type in their inputs.

The dropdown list of options is easy to implement in Google Docs Spreadsheet which also makes it faster to fill in the details.

This walkthrough illustrates how to create a Web Forms page that reads and writes data to a database using SQL statements. Close() End Sub // C# private void ddl Category ID_Selected Index Changed(object sender, System.

For the walkthrough, you will work with the Categories table of the SQL Server Northwind database. Event Args e) Finally, you want to add code that will update the database with changes from the record displayed in the page.

Tables are available in Excel versions 2007, 2010, and 2011.