Understanding peacebuilding consolidating the peace process

From there College Shuttle was born — “an innovative business addressing a need that is largely not met,” says his sister Alegnta Asfaw.

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According to his professor, he has inspired other students to become entrepreneurs and has himself mentored more than 15 students in Frostburg and continues to do so. I used to go to all the business conferences religiously, and when I heard about this club I had to go — who better to join than me [laughs]. He was telling us about different things that the school needs….since he was there for 27 years. I was wondering about transportation myself so I kind of took it to heart and kept thinking about it, writing down numbers and stuff in class. That summer I put together some flyers with my personal information.

His sister Alegnta says, “I believe this is the kind of leadership and innovative thinking that we want to showcase among young Ethiopians in America.” The 26 year-old businessman left Ethiopia as a young boy in the early 90s has never been back. I did the flyers a week before school started ……the calls started coming.

Marty Mattare, one of his professors who was instrumental in the success of his company and still lends a hand when needed, says “Eskat has shown great persistence in his pursuit of College Shuttle.

He worked very hard to make it a success and sought feedback and advice from a number of people.

“I have always wondered how students without cars moved around,” said Asfaw, who immediately brought his exciting idea to his colleagues and advisors: to provide transportation to students who reside a good two and half hours away from major public transportation stops.