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Focused on those dating after 40, she helps women navigate through the twists and turns of reentering the dating world. Notes from the Dating Trenches Women, and men, who are looking to get helpful information into dating and relationships, should look to the blog content posted by Kelly Seal.

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The international sport soccer brings about the sex appeal of the hottest men with enormous talent.

Loves A Game A breakup can be hard and Loves A Game is there to give you a shortcut to recovery.

Let’s face it, dating can be challenging, especially as an adult.

Gone are our college days where find a date for the weekend was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Available on the blog is also the detailed account of her own dating experiment consisting of 30 men in less than a year. Share what you’ve learned with others that have experienced the same heartache but continue to find empowerment and happiness on their own.