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I am thrilled that Joe, a man I frequently went out with has found a potential companion for life.

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Many people prefer chatting with someone online before handing out their private phone number, or meeting them in real life. Likewise, others aren’t good with the written word and prefer to call someone after just one message. You have to find the method of communication you like best.

We’re here to facilitate it, so we offer chat rooms for all our uniformed professionals. Go find yourself a fireman (or woman), doctor, nurse, or police officer today and start chatting!

As you only know each other’s online selves it will take some time to get used to chatting in real life, so don’t worry if the chemistry isn’t there right off the bat. A good place for a first date is a bar or coffee shop - nothing too romantic, but also something a bit more exciting than your local Starbucks.

Places in San Diego that are great for first dates include: If you’ve found yourself a date on Uniform Dating (which we all know by now is the dating site San Diego has been waiting for!

I know their wives don’t understand them, or their wives don’t like sex anymore, or their wives are having an affair and these men just want to “get back at them.” On the same hand, I am amazed at the number of men who are interested in having a mistress.