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between the alleged victim and Alston’s entourage over a spilled bottle: "But that's all," he says.

"They continued drinking." Mullineaux also points out that two police cars were stationed outside the club all night, and officers were not aware of the assault. Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson were spotted in business class together on a flight from Miami to Turks and Caicos for a romantic getaway.

Don't Shoot the Messenger Which struggling new glossy is so out of money that staffers are having to pay for photos on personal credit cards?

Dear Gossips, Still no social media activity from Gisele Bundchen but we did hear yesterday from Bridget Moynahan: Yippee! Love the way she flaunts her effortless gorgessity in the face of mounting wrath from the Mini Van Majority – a demographic now being courted by Tom’s baby mother ex who pre-pregnancy had a reputation not so unlike the Alba Bitch.

Here she is on the set of Ramona and Beezus yesterday getting touched up. Bridget of course would like you to believe the theory that Tom is an absent father who prefers his supermodel over his spawn. And finally a piece of positive news for Tom Brady, pictured here in New York the other day out and about with Gisele.