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However, they temporarily put their differences aside to attack the movie, with the Chick rolling her eyes at some of the Critic's more sexist comments.They attempt to congratulate each other after completing the review but that results in more fighting and the screen cuts to static.Brad Jones · Brandon T · Chris Stuckmann·Count Jackula·CR · Diamanda Hagan · Film Brain·Horror Guru·Il Neige· i Rawss·Leon Thomas ·Mike J · Nash ·Omega·Paw Dugan· Rantasmo · Rap Critic · That Sci Fi Guy · Todd In The Shadows·The Blockbuster Buster·Elisa Hansen·SF Debris·Beth E.·Shark Movies·Sursum Ursa·Terror Obscura·Alex Dudley·Leeman Kessler·The Dom·Happy Viking;·Lucky Six·Rocked·Rudthe Spud·Screen Crashers·Some Guys I Know·Some Jerk with a Camera Dr.

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When not 'in the shadows' such as during crossover videos and during the events of Suburban Knights, Todd wears a Zorro-esque bandana that covers everything above his mouth (though it is revealed in Surburban Knights that he can't even see out of his mask, to the point of mistaking a pole for one of the villians).

Todd claims that he didn't get into pop music until an incident in 2007 when the antenna came off of his car.

She was the winner of the search for the Nostalgia Chick contest, which took place over the summer of 2008.

The contest had many entries and she was declared Nostalgia Chick by That Guy With The Glasses after a three-way tie with Marzgurl and That Chick With The Goggles with her Pocahontas review getting the most votes.

He has made contributions to numerous Channel Awesome series, including Atop the Fourth Wall, The Nostalgia Chick, and Brows Held High.