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I’d be like, ‘ fall finale, ended with Hodgins’s loved ones getting the news of his paralysis, but Hodgins himself didn’t find out in the hour.

When the show returns, it’ll have moved forward about two months.

You find these moments where you go, how would I get around?

Instead of standing up and picking the chair up over something, it’s like, all right, I have to find a way.

The couple had just decided to try for a second child when his injury appeared, and now they have to figure out where they stand. “It’s nice to be able to shed light on an issue that truly affects so many people on this planet—dealing with being chair-bound and paraplegic,” he says. The relationships that are attached to that, let alone the physical strain of that.

“I think Angela and Jack, they had such great storylines early on in this show,” Thyne says. But for the past many seasons, they’ve been the happy-go-lucky couple on the show: Hodgins doing experiments and Angela being a shoulder for others to cry on. To now have some conflict in our relationship, conflict in our world, it’s exciting as an actor.” Thyne continued, “I love them, more than any relationship on television. So I’m hoping to honor those who have to truly deal with this every day.

“I ask them to give me a 10-minute warning before everyone else, so I can get myself to the stages,” he shares.