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[Network Break] Back from break, the Dudleys continued to work on Neville. Bubba mocked Zayn, then airballed a top-rope senton. Zayn delivered a dropkick to Devon’s knee, then the Blue Thunder Bomb.

Bubba broke up a pin attempt, though, and the Dudleys isolated Zayn.

Uso hit a top-rope splash on Gotch for the pin as American Alpha sold being upset by them taking the win.

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Everyone got in their moves in rapid-fire fashion, leaving Gotch alone in the ring.

Grand Amplitude to Gotch, but Uso tagged himself in.

The Usos acted heelish telling the half-crowd to shush. A basic warm-up trying to set up a follow-through feud between The Usos and Alphas.

Video Package: WWE Title feud between Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler.

They tried the 3D on Neville when he charged the ring, but Neville avoided and Bubba accidentally clotheslined Devon. Fine pre-show tag match getting in Neville’s finisher.