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Like encyclopedias, many of the best ones refer you to some other sources of information.Handbooks are manuals that attempt to summarize good practices as they are observed in some professional or scholarly endeavor.

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The dating revolution companion journal

In recent years another interest has been the slowly-developing scholarly field of "medievalism", that is to say the ways in which the Middle Ages have been re-imagined and represented in the modern world, and I have taken particular interest in the work and influence of Tolkien's great predecessor, Jacob Grimm.

(a collection of essays on Grimm's mythology, see below) has been followed by a festschrift kindly produced for me by my former colleague Andrew Wawn, and my former students Graham Johnson and John Walter.

As my publication lists show, I have kept up two interests for many years: on the one hand, modern fantasy and science fiction, on the other, medieval literature, especially the earliest literature of England and Scandinavia (in the photo I am standing in front of King Harald Bluetooth's runestone at Jellinge in Jutland). Tolkien, now supplemented by There were both personal and professional reasons for this concentration on Tolkien.

These interests came together in my two much-reprinted and translated books on J. Purely by accident, I followed in Tolkien's footsteps in several respects: as a schoolboy (we both went to King Edward's School, Birmingham), as rugby player (we both played for Old Edwardians), as a teacher at Oxford (I taught Old English for seven years at St.

I was very pleased to contribute to the backup DVDs of all three Lord of the Rings films and now the Hobbit Films as well.