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In comparison, you are more experienced, so it is important for you to try and handle your teen with an open heart and an open mind.

Here are a few ways that will help you deal with your rebellious teens in a positive and less conflicting way: Your teen will be going through some real stress during the teenage years.

Some would say that as his mother, I was supposed to stop my teenager’s rebellious behavior. It was undeniable, he had a mind of his own and he used it. One thing I used to do when my son ran away, I’d get inside my car and roam the places he frequented.

Teens are not born with individual manuals saying: use this one for Suzie and that one for Bobbie. When I told my son to stay in the house until I got home from work, or when I gave instructions for him to watch his sister, it was supposed to happen just like that. When I couldn’t find him, I would talk to his friends and they would tell him that I was looking for him. He knew that his mama would schedule another drive-by if he didn’t come home.

If you are worried about these drastic changes in your teen’s behavior and want to know what is causing all this rebellion and how to deal with it, do read on.

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