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It will always go something like this "You draw this for us, and we will include your name in the credits. He said he might print up to 50,000 books, so that's like an amazing offer of 50,000 views for me right?

"Yeah.." Chelsea said, amazed by what she had accomplished. Chelsea thought, wandering in the vast expanse of the jungle. Oh, nevermind, it was probably just a bird or something.

"You should go and check out what's over there." Gannon stated as he showed Chelsea the newly finished bridge.

As she started walking towards what seemed to be a jungle, Gannon shouted after her to be careful, she was the island's only farmer. She started picking herbs to ship, and flowers to give to some of the villagers, when she heard a rustling in the trees. She continued to gather flora until she heard the noise again. Chelsea was starting to get nervous, so she took what she had and started to make her way out of the jungle. With the goal of bringing a little cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the deviant ART Holiday Card Project connects deviants from around the world and applies their tremendous artistic abilities in designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.

Either way, their arms were flailing mercilessly and they kept thrusting their pelvis sporadically. As for you, you kept a small swaying motion to the beat of the music, averting all eye contact with the wrong people. Matthew leaned down to listen to Drowning Darkness , darkness in front my eyes Only thing I hear are moans and cries I am falling down to a bottomless sea Still the only one i think about is she The surface I fight and try to reach The water my lungs wants to breach Drowning in a sea of sadness In this world filed with madness My heart stopped my blood froze Raging Feelings inside me arose I find hope in my darkest hour In you my pretty little flower Tears A teardrop running down your cheek I do not know what is that you seek I ask , I wonder , I try to understand To stay my hand , the pain to withstand Pain , caused from your tears of sadness Am I supposed to know the answer to this madness I stand up and take you in my arms embrace Gently wiping the tears of your face A slow song starts to play , this is my chance I take your hand and we begin our dance I feel your warm breath on my neck No I must keep my feelings in check What is this again? The teenager gazed over the classroom and he could see faces he knew, and some which he despised.