Swedish culture dating

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If she is Swedish - do not critisize Sweden a lot as a lot of foreigners here do.

Maybe you think people are more sociable in your country and so forth, but keep the negative thoughts of Sweden to yourself for a while. During my first date with my wife I was lucky it was in winter so my hands where cold and the sweat was inside but brothers, was I nervous and took some deep breaths to relax. The most usual places here are through friends, at your workplace, in the club or through the internet.

When I talk with men from elsewhere in the world and tell them I live in Sweden, I often get the question: ‘Are Swedish women as beautiful as they say?

’ And I have to say the answer is a resounding yes – but don’t expect them all to be tall, blonde and blue-eyed.

This was out of fear of running into a neighbour and having to talk to them.