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close them...justify the bad behavior, and live with the consequences. When they know we have a life of our own as well and arent at their beckoncall, then they will respect us all the more.1. Most complaints I see here are because mates did not care about each others feelings. Ask yourself the following, and be honest with yourself.

Sounds a bit harsh but it happens all the time sadly.

I think that it is always wise to take a moment and to ask yourself the following questions.

When we allow people to take us for granted thats often what happens. seem to be opposites to me and by this are you saying it is not ok for someone to not call you back but it is ok for you to not call them back? Detach emotionally - leads to unhappiness and fear, low self-esteem and low confidence. For me, I have to be emiotionally, intellectually and / or spiritually attached. not sure how you equate addiction with involving your mates feelings. Though I agree with all the tips you have listed and have been following them religiously for quite some time, number #7 is why my initial e-mail's are especially short, I will further go on to add that closed body language is crossing leg's and arms so it's best to avoid talking to that girl, while if there eyes roll to your left that mean's there creating, or fabricating some kind of B. And for a 1st call a girl will intentionally let it ring until you get a machine normally, to deal with this *67 before dialing her number may be a good way to catch her.

If you OVER give, you will lose your lover and her/his respect. Perhaps she meant don't always make yourself at your partners disposal. If one wants a true and loving realtionship then just the opposite will be requiredand what about number 6 and 9??? except number 5 that one is right on track^^^ very well put! I do believe I could not have stated in better, with some minor alterations 1. not always for most and that is sad..leads to physical pleasure but the heart stays empty. If they don't question the silence and lack of closeness, there's probably some self esteme issues there and the relationship is not healthy. never assume that your values are always correct and stubbornly insist you are right. If you can't be a full partner you loose my respect. I don't like having to play games, but girls just are insistant on playing them, another rule I'll add is to call them on it when you sense there playing some kind of game.

As it’s good to know and understand what propels and motivates us to do the things that we do.