Stop word from auto dating beckii cruel and sparkles dating

Click this, the Auto Correct Options button, and select “Undo.” This turns off the automatic formatting of just that one cell’s date entry.When you’re ready to go solo and know exactly how you want to format your dates, you can make one change to Excel’s settings and stop the ongoing automatic formatting.

In thses case, you may want to convert thses nonstandard dates to the standard date formatting Convert to Date. After applying the Convert to Date, you can see all the nonstandard dates have been converted to the standared dates in the Convert to Date dialog, and just click OK to exist the dialog. If you want to have a free trial of the Convert to Date function, please go tofree download Kutools for Excel first, and then go to apply the operation according above steps.

Word offers a couple of features for entering the current date and time, but they can confuse users.

Add a couple of custom buttons for both macros and take all the guesswork out of entering the current date and time.

Not all bad dates end with you running to post a sad status update or Tweet about it.

You can click on the little down arrows at the bottom of any menu to see the full menu, or you can just turn the hiding feature off.