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I mean, firstly because I had read the script beforehand so I was fully aware of where the arc ended.

And secondly, because that sacrifice at the very end was her redemption, it really, in a way, purified what she'd been through.

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Birth Name: Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen Place of Birth: Hong Kong Date of Birth: 22 June, 1980 Ethnicity: Chinese, English, Norwegian, Portuguese Stephanie Jacobsen is an Australian actress.

So when you read the script for Razor, what was it about Kendra Shaw, that character, that spoke to you and made you feel like, "Yeah this is a role I definitely want to do." Well, for me, and I'm sure that this comes down to personal opinion and personal taste for every actor, but for me it was almost a dream role. It was kind of like being told to build a house without a hammer, without any wood, without any nails. What were some ways that you found you were able to showcase who she was and express that character without showing anything (emotionally)?

I think it was the more the essence of that kind of female character that I consciously wanted to play.

And I'm sure working with the cast was great, specifically you worked closely with Michelle Forbes in a lot of scenes. Was it something that you weren't expecting or something that you were dying to get into?