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January, 1923 attack on Rosewood, FL (8 dead, entire town wiped-off the map). Really depressing shit; it's amazing that the country emerged in one piece.

(Unusually, her half-sister is a borderline-lunatic born-again Christian who can never pass a church without going inside.) Ariana says in a very up-front manner that her family spans the whole spectrum of freakdom. After about five minutes of hearing about her family, I'd rather read about race riots and lynchings. She wipes-off her face with the evergreen cloth napkin that seems to be standard for every Olive Garden. Tell me, it must be a pretty hectic schedule for you? That doesn't leave much time for sleep." "Oh, I'm sorry about getting you into trouble." I frowned and felt a bit of remorse.

I'm sorry to hear that." "Yeah, ever since then, they've lectured all the girls about not dating customers. So did the bartender and a few of the other dancers." "Well, I didn't mean to get you in trouble. Heh, and that your first time to a club." As soon as she says this, the waiter-comes over with our drink refills.

I think he overheard her saying 'lap dance' and I think he surreptitiously eyes me in a peculiar way.

While great looks and a fit body are almost required to make it as a stripper, something that is overlooked is that it also takes a thick skin and dedication.

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