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) to Maggie in Season 3’s “This Sorrowful Life,” and of course, she accepted his proposal.

The clocks have gone back and the shorter days are with us again but don’t think of hibernating during the winter months.

” In Season 3’s “When the Dead Come Knocking,” Merle thought that there was no way Glenn would be able defend himself against a ravenous walker — not while duct-taped to a chair!

But, of course, Daryl’s brother was unaware of what a total badass Glenn was. After cutting an engagement ring off of a walker — along with its finger — Glenn presented it (the ring, not the finger!

— not to get into it with Aiden in Season 5’s “Remember.” Even when Deanna’s son got in his face, he gave the brat an out. “Walk away.” Instead, Aiden took a swing, missed and was rewarded with a sore jaw and a bruised ego.