da brat dating history - Speed dating melbourne over 50

Either way, mingling with the males of the species is called for, so we've put together a list of the best places in Melbourne to meet the gents.

Speed Dating If you're a busy city woman looking for a man and you don't want to mess about with scouting for one, it's possible that speed dating is for you.

Man Hunting in Nightlife Hotspots On the other hand, if the contrived environment of speed dating doesn't take your fancy and you prefer to treat it as a spectator sport rather than a serious way to meet men, you may be better suited to letting things unfold as they will at one of Melbourne's many bars.

You may find that there is someone with potential who regularly catches the same tram or train as you.

Initiate a conversation with him about the book he's reading or what you saw him watching last night on TV when you followed him home from his stop and spied on him through his living room window.

Putting Your Hand Up Forget shaking your booty start rattling your tin.

Volunteering for charity is not only a good deed, it could help you meet loads of men.

Alright don't talk about that last one stick to his book but you get the idea.