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We believe its important to build great friendships and confidence in people face to face verses online.

Chummy Chums is a friendly, loving and fun environment to meet p White Lion Walk Shopping Centre in Guildford is delighted to announce that on Saturday 25th March it will be hosting a fun, free photo booth for shoppers to capture a family snap or photo with their mum ahead of Mothering Sunday the following day.

I went to visit the school in my home town and met my teachers and school principal.

My science teacher asked me to share the university experience and talk to the pupils about coming to England for the first time, making friends with students coming from different parts of the world and my studying at the University of Surrey.

I think my visit inspired the school students to study science.

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    France constructed a five-story "Peace Tower" with the word peace plastered all over it in various languages to present to the city. Though he still can't speak Russian, Josh has been to Russia 45 times, and to St. The spiritual need, the responsiveness and a love for the people keep him returning. In the early 1950s, Josh watched on TV when the then president of Russia, Nikita Khrushchev, visited a farm in the United States.

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    All the issues of a periodical that precede the current issue, usually bound in annual volumes or converted to microfilm or microfiche to conserve space.

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    Can't resist his charms ;) He's the best korean actor i know. whenever i feel sad i ll watch urs korean drama ,i feel some relax... The most brilliant thing is you differ in every film. I love your smile, the way you cry, the way you seem so possessive about your girl in dramas, the way you act and everything about you.... Please keep up the good work and don't ever forget that many people (multitudes) look up to you. actually Lee min ho happen to be my best and sweet actor so far. Anyway but I hope you could star or take part in more TV series drama and movies!!! and famous all around the world..leaving my comment may not be issue for you .these millions of fan.... good luck Minho oppa ^^ please ...please ....please .... Lee Min Ho you're the ONE my favorite acktor, because you until I hooked watching Korean drama .... And am so happy that after all your hardwork for 9years that you still remain your humble,selfless person and I heard your recent 'news'and am so happy you have someone aside from your family and fans,who you can share your difficulties with and can understand how busy you always are,everyone deserves that and hope you too last long. I will never understand, why he is always in Top 3 of sexiest Korean men... Hope you would change stay what you are and I WISH I CAN MEET ME SOON but i will study first before i find you. I don't eat and sleep just to watch your movies :). I realized one thing the ending was unique because not all love story, is a happy ending....maybe the cast and the staff has a purposed why the story ends like that..still I idolized all cast,the tandem, the staff, the creators, the writers and most of all I'd love to watch the perfect match teamup of LMH & PMY..been a year past still CITY HUNTER is always in the air..of viewers and supporters are always talking to the drama..are expecting the season 2 for the city hunter..they are very much excited to see yhe MINMIN COUPLE reunite soon....hoping for more projects for them.... @nari-chan,yes he is loved all the world,am not korean am not even asian but i love him not just me but everyone that watches k-drama in my has millons of fans,you are obviously jealous but ur bitterness can't get you to see it,your hatred for him is that he has acted in just 15dramas/films and incredible famous and am sure i don't even know your idol with his/her so called '73 films' but that does not mean i will start talking badly of him.concentrate on ur favorite and leave those you don't like cause it clear you are threatened by him.#peace @nari-chan, GET A LIFE!!! P/s: My idol has acted 73 films and how about this guy... you r best in that category and that's the reason i like u. so plz be real i liked min ho but i think he must change the image that he is just a beauty face. so keep your bad judge...& please say good think only...

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    The first club is well lit, full of people nicely dressed, all of which are smiling, laughing, and discussing sports, music, politics, and the news of the day.